TSFIT: A Software Package for Two-Stage Scattered Data Fitting

TSFIT is a C library of functions that implements recent two-stage scattered data fitting methods based on local approximation with polynomials and radial basis functions in the first stage and bivariate spline quasi-interpolation by extension in the second stage.

It is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

C code v.1.00 (gzipped tar archive, 130K)
Linux and Visual Studio C++ installation notes
Change log
Test data sets (gzipped tar archive, 5526K) *)

*) Rotterdam Port data has been provided by Quality Positioning Services (Zeist, The Netherlands), recorded using the QINSy software

Older version: C code v.0.91 (gzipped tar archive, 126K)

Richard Franke's Test Data can be downloaded following instructions at this link

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